History of DragonSwords 2 RPG

The First Day
The Grand Reopening was held in Mid-January, 2007 and news of the reopening swept the world by storm. By day 4, over 1,000 players had registered with over 900 verified and playing. Many of the players were from before what has come to be known as "The Crash".
When the game Reopened it came with a new system complete with: price caps removed, additional armours, myth mines at level 15, and updated prices and stats.

The Seventh Day
By Day 7, Anarchy had begun. Age 7 signifies a birth rite to the citizens of Spira. Emancipation laws state one must be 7 days old in order to visit the Journeyman's Shack and start exploring the marshes of the Swamps. The young players that were not able to directly participate in the Explorer's Day Celebration, were able to take advantage of the ages of others. Another Law of Spira says you cannot kill another player (PK) until they are 7 days old. With a large number of Spira Citizens turning 7 days old, it did not take long for the streets to quickly fill with blood.

The people of Spira gathered at the City Hall to celebrate this wonderful day. There was drinking, dancing, games, food, drinking, parades, drinking and loads of family fun with some drinking on the side. Mayor Finchie was present at the start of the celebration, and stumbled on to the stage to give a nicely slurred speach, "I would... liyeeeeeke.... to ehrm... saeeeey" Is all he got out of his mouth before he passed out and fell off the stage. †White Knight quickly carried Mayor Finchie to the Mayor's Mansion and shut the door without giving a comment. Sheriff Dharkaron and Sean just turned away shaking their heads in embarrassment.

The First Day of The Second Year
In Mid-January, 2008, The World of DragonSwords celebrated it's one year anniversary with drinking, dancing, games, food, drinking, parades, drinking and the opening of two brand new Casino's in the Cities of Cyron and Spira. Mayor Finchie his normal colourful self was present in both locations throughout the day to open both new venues, and try his hand out at the Craps, he was heard to remark "Oh Yeah, I won 2 gold!". The new Casino's are Run by †White Knight the devious, who was also seen slipping money into the pocket of Sheriff Dharkaron later that day and is well known for his Gambling Prowess.

Throughout the day it was well known that there were some major winners in the Casino's, but there were also some losers. One such person, down on his luck was quoted to have said, "I turned 37 Nectar into 558 Nectar, but I lost it all!". The poor man pleaded for his Nectar back, but †White Knight the devious was heard to remark "Sorry, No Refunds!" after hearing of the mans plight.

As the years went on, Dragonswords II faded away into the past... Will it rise again?

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